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Jam nunjukin jam 12.31, tepat tanggal 26 November 2008. Saat yang tepat bwt browsing2.. bwt refreshing dari tugas Gempa yang melelahkan.

Up till now., I don’t know what I want to write… T_T… I just try to get used to write a blog. Although sometimes I ran out of ideas of what want to write…

But, let start from todays activities….

Hmm.. let see,… today, My usual activities was turning on my laptop and stream Indonesia news from http://www.liputan6.com. Although it didn’t broadcasted lively, this site is the only Indonesian news site that I could watch. lIt seems like my dormitory admin does not allow the students to use live stream site.While listening to the news, I used to cook breakfast for me and my room mate, Risky. Today was Risky’s turn to cook breakfast. He cooked Indonesian soup full of carrot and cabbage (his speciality ;p)

At about 8 am, I went to campus. As usual, I used train (the only possible transportation system for me). It took about 45 minnutes from my dorm to Ookayama Campus. The temperature was so cold compared to my country. It reached 9 degree of celcious. I used sweater under my thick jacket. And it was still feel cold.

When I arrived at the station near my campus, I suddenly wanted to go to the conveniet store (japanese calls it “Kombini”) to buy something. I didn’t know what to buy. I just wanted to go there and bought something. On the way to get there, I found an under construction small Japanese house. The main structural parts were all made by wood. The ground part was made by concrete. This is the first time I ever see small Japanese house main structural parts. Although it just a small house, almost all side of the house were densely strengthen by wood column. Furthermore, the wood looked very strong. I just wondered where they imported suchkind of wood (is it from Indonesia?? :P). One of the reason why they are using wood is, of course, the high occurance of earthquake. Wood is considered ductile enough to restrain earthquake force. So it is suitable to use for small capacity structure in a high earthquake occurance area.


Well, after I saw that house I arrived at Kombini. I finnaly found out what I wanted to buy, an ice cream ;p. It has been a loong time since I eat ice cream. For information, not all Ice cream in Japan is eatable for Muslim people. Some of the ice cream contains substances that came from meat especially pork. It is not “Halal”. So, before I bought the Ice cream, I read the ingredient information (although it was in Kanji, I recoognized some  Kanji for non-halal items). After make sure it doesn’t contains non-halal substance. I bought the ice cream, and went to the lab using the same way as when I saw the house.

The ice cream was nice.

Cu next post.

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