Soba Time

This time I went to a Soba restaurant near Tsukushino Station, (5 station from Aobadai). I went to this place with Kunta San (Integrated doctoral course from Nuclear Department), Adeline and Risky (YSEP).

Me.. ;p Adeline

It is not like sushi restaurant that sells 100 yen suhsi. This restaurant is just like other ordinary restaurant that serves various kind of menus and we order after choosing the food from the menu list. The price of food was from 200-400 yen for dessert, 600-1500 yen for main food. It is an average price for Japanese (but for me it is quiet expensive T_T). However I didn’t regret it because “experience is power” ^_^.

A special thing about this restaurant is that this restaurant serves a drink bar. Drink Bar is “all you can drink”. In this restaurant, for 230 yen you can drink all kind of beverage in the drink bar stand. The kind of beverage are Macha (sweet ocha), chocolate, karamel cofee, soft drink, ice grape or orange juice, or just hot and cold water ^_^.

I was very hungry back there. I ordered the main food, Soba Set – (I forgot the name). The Soba Set I ate consisted of Soba (some kind of Japanese Noodle), Sauce (soyu, etc), fried Shrimp-octopus-mushroom, an onion, and wasabi (I like tis ^_^). The first beverage I drunk was the “Macha”. It was the first time for me to tasted Sweet Ocha. Not similar with Indonesia, people in Japan do not drink tea with sugar. Even Ocha is a little bit bitter but this kind of bitter tea is very healthy.

Soba Set Ad

Adeline and Risky ordered Salad, Kunta-san ordered Rice set which consist of rice, chopped fish, and other herb ingredient. I was going to order Takoyaki, but there was no more money left in my pocket ^_^. The price of Takoyaki set was 420 yen but I don’t know how big the size is.

Salad Set Macha and Grape Ice Juce

Although we finished the food in just half an hour. We stayed in the restaurant for almost 2-3 hours ^_^. We maximize our food capacity to be filled with many kind of drinks from the drink bar ^_^. We also shared our story about laboratory life. It was amazing to be able to drink freely and share our laboratory life so we could gain more spirit to face the laboratory difficulties in the day after.

Oishii….. おいしい  (delicious)

2 thoughts on “Soba Time

  1. Uwa…Oishii desu ne…

    He he he Maz Ahmad saya sudah lama tidak ke sini padahal saya sudah pasang link di BLOG saya yang judulnya LIVE IN JAPAN but memang baru sekarang sempet maen (terlalu sibuk blogging ma temen-temen Blogger Indo jadi malah jarang blogwalking ke Luar negeri he he he…

    Hasilnya saya tidak kecewa Maz, Maz Ahmad menuliskan pengalamannya dengan bagus, cuman kenapa tidak atau jarang yang liat, pastinya karena Maz Ahmad juga tidak suka maen ke BLOG orang lain, coba dech sekali-kali Blogwalking ke BLOG temen-0temen Blogger lainnya, pasti bakalan banyak kok yang suka cerita Maz ini. Tengok saja BLOGnya Maz Gyztar di dia juga sedang tinggal di Jepang hingga sekarang..

    OK lah Maz terus menulis ya..

    Saya senang bisa tahu kehidupan di sana melalui tulisan Maz Ahmad ini..

    Salam kenal dan jangan lupa mampir ke BLOG sederhana saya..


    1. hahaa.. iya nih, kebanyakan tentang makanan ;p

      Ntar lah, akhir minggu ini rencana mw posting ttg riset saya.. moga2 kekejar..

      banyak deadline nih..

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