Yokohama Trip – Part II


Let’s start the other half of Yokohama Trip’s post, the most sentimental part for me in the whole trip to Yokohama seaside area…

It took almost 15 minutes walking from the park to the Shinbashi. Shinbasi is a seaport where international ship carrying tourist docked here. It is a beautiful port where on the top level we could see spectacular scenery of Minato Mirai Area to the north, and Yokohama Bay Bridge to the south. The Minato Mirai is a landmark of Yokohama. This is the place where you can see the Cosmo Ferries Wheel, Yokohama Landmark Tower (tallest building in Japan), as well as other beautiful building around it.

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It is a beautiful place to spend your time with either your friend, or your beloved one. It is very large open space area, the top level is decorated with wooden floor and simple yet beautiful lamp and seats. Many Japanese couple spends their time chatting and seeing the scenery from this pier. I knew this place after I saw Japanese Drama Honey & Clover. This is one of the filming places in the Drama that showed Cosmo ferries Wheel with Yokohama Landmark Tower around it.

Note from me… I don’t know exactly why… the scenery of Minato Mirai from Shinbashi piers is very relaxing for me. The first place I want to visit when I arrived in Japan is this place. Since I watched the Drama shortly before I leave Indonesia and came here, the story, the scenery, and the feeling of being able to realize my dream after I watched the drama give me beautiful feeling every time I stand in Shinbashi, Watching amazing scenery of Minato Mirai, and remembering the same scene from Honey & Clover Drama… ^_^ Makes me more and more missing her… ^_^

The most prominent scenery of Minato Mirai is the Ferris wheel and Landmark Tower. Completed in 1989, the height is 112.5 m. The ferries wheel was the tallest ferries wheel in the world, but now become the 11th with Singapore Ferris wheel in the 1st place. It is decorated with many lamps, changing color many times from white to blue.. From red to yellow.. The ferries wheel also serves as world biggest clock since the lamps on each pillars can illuminate light like a ticking clock for a full 60 seconds.

sbsh0703 sbsh0709

The diameter is 100 meters with 60 gondolas with capatity of 8 person. However, many gondolas only filled with two people, which is couple, kissing when the gondola reach the top elevation. The ticket price is 700 yen (84 rb rupiah) each ride. We can get 15 minutes spectacular view inside the gondola. We didn’t ride the gondola in this trip. However, I had ridden this gondola with my friend about three month ago. The scenery inside was very beautiful. I ride it at night so I could see Yokohama City’s lamps illumination as far as I could see.

The other thing is Yokohama Landmark Tower. It is Japan’s tallest building with 295.8 m of height. It is a 71 story building. On the 69th floor there is an observatory, Sky Garden, from which one can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city, and on clear days Mount Fuji. The tower contains the world’s second fastest elevator, which reaches speeds of 45.0 km/h. This speed allows the elevator to reach the 69th floor in approximately 40 seconds. (Wikipedia) . Unfortunately I did not enter this building.  I did not have enough time.

sbsh0695 sbsh0705

After spending time for taking photos and watching the scenery, we walked to Minato Mirai area. On the way to Minato Mirai, we visited Yokohama Red Brick warehouse. It is a historical building once functioned as a warehouse but now turned into a beautiful shopping mall. Worth to visit..!!

And then we arrived at Minato Mirai. There are plenty of building for mall, hotels, and office use. There is also Cosmo Park, an amusement park where the ferries wheel located. We didn’t try many since the ticket price was ranged from 400-700 yen per each ride.

Actually there are two amusement parks in the area. The one is Cosmo Park, the other one is ‘I forget the name’ ;p. In the second amusement park, Adeline, Della, Lyta, & teddy entered a ghost house arena. In this place, we have to enter a ghost house while carrying an electronic candle. This candle will detect our fear level as we enter the house. In the end of the journey from the ghost house, the candle will be placed in a special machine and it will display our fear level from 1 till 10 (ten is the most coward ;p). The result was; Lyta = Level 2…. adeline, della and TEDDY =level 7 (most cowards ;p).


After this, we tried the rotating machine. Just like a ferries wheel, we ride a capsule and we were being rotated in a high speed. However, the rotation started from vertical axis and moved into horizontal axis. We felt very dizzy after get off from the capsule.


After that, we were heading for home. However, we stop at food court in the Queen Plaza. I ordered tuna Sandwich for 420 yen at “Subway”-one of food counter that serves also vegetarian food. It was delicious. We spend a half hour there and went home using train from JR SakuragiCho station. I arrived at home at around 11 PM.


Actually, many things I could not write. Yet, most of amazing thing I have tried to write. For me, this trip is one of the most memorable trips in Japan. I am happy I could experience this. Furthermore, I could realize my dream of seeing Minato Mirai from Shinbashi…. the dream that started when I watch one scene in Honey & Clover Drama.

Thanks ^_^..


6 thoughts on “Yokohama Trip – Part II

  1. I miss yokohama…i been there for 6 month ….
    its really fantastic,historical &sentimental city especially the minato mirai

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