SISF Speech Contest


Last Monday (03/02) I had a speech competition held by the foundation that found my stay in Japan, Sato International Scholarship Foundation. This competition is an annual event held by this foundation. The participant is all scholars associated with SISF. Some of them were Japanese, most of them were South Asia Countries students.


In this competition, we have to give speech in Japanese for 3 minutes. The theme options were given by SISF and different every year. This year themes were 1) If you be a head of school (elementary to university) in your country of in Japan, 2) if you be a president of your country or Japan.

For my speech I choose the first theme, specifically, to be the head of elementary school in my country. To write the idea was not so hard but to translate it to Japanese was really hard. I had to ask held from my friend to help me translate the manuscript. They were 53 participant, most of them were students who could speak Japanese well because they had been studying in Japanese Language School for 1 year before studying in their current grade.

After practicing for two weeks, I eventually presented it in front of other scholars and jury from the foundation. I was nervous when standing in the stage, in front of everybody. I tried to memorize some paragraph of my manuscripts and read the rest of them. Since I could not read furigana (Japanese character) well, I make the romaji (alphabet) version of the manuscript so I could read the manuscript faster. I also putted some intonation mark to guide me in reading it with a proper intonation.

After the speech session ended, we had a food party. They provide us lots of takoyaki, crab & vegetables, sandwich, and cheese. There was plenty of Takoyaki so we could not eat all of them.



After the first food session ended, we had an announcement about the speech competition’s winner. The result was obvious, I didn’t win. Of course, since the winners were they who didn’t read manuscript and could speak Japanese well. However, I was happy with my achievement. I thought I would only be the one who read manuscript but it was not. There many of them who also read manuscript, even for the native Japanese scholars.

We had a dessert session after that. They provided a lot of sushi, bread, and some snack. I had my stomach full of food that day.


Since the competition was held in Ebisu, next to Shibuya station. I went to Shibuya after the competition. Not long, just an hour. I took some picture over there. It was nice, but I didn’t explore many.

sbsh0773 sbsh07761


sbsh0780 sbsh0777

8 thoughts on “SISF Speech Contest

    1. Yups… I am glad I’ve thought it…
      Yups… it was…
      But it is impossible to send it to you… we have more than 5000 km of distance ^_^
      Last week I tried Takoyaki in Kyoto.. my friend said it is one of the best Tako in Japan.. I think so too… ^_^
      I think you should come here and taste it by yourself ^_^

  1. Wow Oji-chan, you’re incredible. You can participate a japanese speech competition with your current japanese level, you’re very brave. If I were you, maybe I will bring my guitar and singing L’arc en Ciel song on the podium. At least singing will relieved me than speech :mrgreen:

    btw, careful with sandwich, bread and cakes. it might be contain something haram.

    NB. Shibuya? I prefer Harajuku.

    1. haha… i was thinkin to add some lyric of laruku’s song ;p
      But my mind was full of Jikken at that time so I couldn’t concentrate well on makin a ‘laruku-taste’ speech manuscript ;p

      Oh.. yes.. thank you for the remainder.. fortunately there were also muslim student so we took care each other..

      Harajuku? I haven’t fully explore that place. I’ll check it latter…
      I just came back from Kansai trip ^_^ long, tiring, but beautiful ^_^

  2. Gomen ne oji-chan, the best Takoyaki in Japan is not from Kyoto. Takoyaki is the special product from Osaka and the best Takoyaki must be from Osaka.

    You just came back from Kyoto? The most famous cuisine from Kyoto is Yatsuhashi- 八ツ橋.

    Last summer, I spent my 1 week holiday in Kansai. Travel from Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Wakayama, etc with only 15 thousand yen :mrgreen: slept under the sky…….
    Still Kyoto is the best sightseeing place in Japan.

    1. I do agree about Takoyaki originated from Osaka.
      However, My friend from KyoDai said that even the Takoyaki was sold in Kyoto, It was one of the most delicious Tako in Japan.

      Yups.. i bought many Yatsuhashi for ;p;p and lots of souvenier bout Kyoto (though it was quite expensive)

      Ow really?? 1.5 man ?? sugee… I slept in my friend’s house.
      What could you see in Wakayama? Did you visit Hiroshima? It was one of the most memorable places in my trip.

  3. Wah,, there is a lot of writing since I saw your blog before, Mr. 😀

    Keep on write, you are good developing writer.. Very good.

    I guess you was the winner for the speech contest that you participated, you just write it with hiragana sentences in my wall of facebook so I didn’t really understand ^_^;
    Well, congratulation for your participate, even you didn’t win, you had a pride properly for that… as an Indonesian who start to use Japanesse language in a short term condition.. Sugoii^^

    Gudluck n_n

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