Hashimoto Cup 2009

In the last golden week holiday, May 5th, Indonesian Student Association in Kanto Area, Japan, held the 5th annual futsal competition for Indonesian students and professionals in Kanto Area. Each year, the competition is held in Syokugyodai, Hashimoto, so that’s why this competition is called Hashimoto Cup. Main reason why it is held in Hashimoto is because it has a good indoor futsal field and easy to borrow it for the competition.

This year competition had 10 teams participated. The teams were from Indonesian students from many institutions such as Tokyo University, Tokyo institute of Technology, Waseda University, Sekolah Republik Indonesia Tokyo, etc. The other one is from professionals & trainee who work in Kanto.

The competition was divided into two stages, the first stage is group qualifying. Each group had 5 teams competing for the first and second place that had the right to enter the second stage, semi final and final. Each match had two periods. The duration of each period is 5 minute for qualification stages, and 7 minutes for semifinal and final stage.

This year, TIT was in the second group competing with Sekolah Republik Indonesia Tokyo (SRIT), Hashimoto Dai (Syokugyodai), Denshi Dai, and Komaba Student association.  In this group TIT achieve the second position by loosing from SRIT, winning from Komaba and Densi Dai, and was even with Hashimoto Dai (2008 winner).

The rising star in this competition is the SRIT. The players were high school student. The youngest player team compared to other team which is in university grade. SRIT got a perfect score by winning from 4 other team in the second group and winning the other two teams in finals included defeating Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT).

In the semi finals, TIT won from Tsubasa (2007 winner) while SRIT won from Waseda Dai. And in the final where TIT come to face with SRIT again, TIT had to face the defeat from SRIT by score 1 – 0. The goal was made at the last minute of the game.

Though TIT lost in the final and won the second winner, it was better from last year where TIT was the third winner. I don’t know what the prize was for the first and third winner but TIT, as the second winner, received 10 piece of thermos bottle. Even though I didn’t play in this competition, only supporting the team, I also received the prize since it was 10 people from TIT who attended the competition. Lucky me ^^

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