Between Classes and Researches

It has been almost a month and half since I arrived in Bandung from my YSEP activity in Japan. It is equal to three weeks of classes in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) since two weeks were off due to the holidays for Iedul Fitri. Up until now, I am still struggling to catch the things I missed from the class due to my late return from Japan. Some of the classes are easy to catch while others are not including the class of Structural Analysis using Matrix.

That class is the class that I failed to pass during my third year. In this class, I study about how to calculate the force-reaction of a civil engineering structure model by using matrix calculation. It is still a basic concept though, but the matrix computation makes the subject is hard to be understood. During my third year, I failed to accept the teaching style of the lecturer so I was not caring about the class so I failed the class. In this semester class, the lecturer is good at teaching. I understand what he taught to me and the class. However, the only thing that makes the class still hard to be understood is that I missed the first three weeks of the class while most of the topics for the next midterm test are from that period. The midterm period for this semester will be in this month’s 19-26th.  I hope, with my effort and luck, I can pass all of the class with a good grade.

Speaking about classes, I didn’t do real class in TokyoTech during my YSEP. I did take some civil engineering class but mostly I spent time in doing research and attend cultural and social class such as Topic of Japan, Social Business entrepreneurship, or Factory study tour. In the first semester of YSEP, I only took 1 civil engineering class that was Seismic Response Modification of Urban Infra Structure. In the second semester of YSEP, I took 2 classes which were seismic design and concrete mechanics. In those civil engineering classes, the way of study was much free and there wasn’t much homework. Beside, the class time for each class was only one hour and forty five minute.

In ITB, I got 20 credits of civil engineering classes. I spent time mostly for attending classes and doing homework. Honestly I think it is less hard than doing research but it is still tiring.

Now is the midterm test week. I have 5 examinations in this week. Once more, I hope, with my effort and luck, I can pass all of the class with a good grade.

Landmark of ITB Landmark of TIT

Landmark of ITB (Aula Barat) and TIT (Main Building)

3 thoughts on “Between Classes and Researches

    1. heee… Ore no TUtor kana… :p

      arigatou na :p :p motto blog wo kaku yotei desu… o machi kudasai ^^

      I still love Perfume ^^ send me news about them.. onegai ^^

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