Family Gathering at Salam Sereh Resto

Family gathering at Salam Sereh Resto

Today’s evening I had a family gathering in Salam Sereh Restaurant. It was the gathering regarding the thank you party for all committee member of my sister’s wedding. Totally up to 30 peoples came and celebrate the party. They came both from my relatives and my sister’s (and his husband) friends. Some of them were children who really like to jump and run everywhere. Choosing the Salam Sereh restaurant as a venue was really suitable for the party.

To be able to hold such a big party, we decided chose bigger place to accommodate the guests. The place should also have good catering service with a reasonable price. Therefore we choose the Salam Sereh Sundanese restaurant. It is a modern Sundanese restaurant that provides Sundanese meals. The restaurant is located at Jalan Supratman no 25, just 5 minute ride from Gedung Sate, Bandung. The official website is : here.

Sunda is an ethnic group in the western part of Java, and a second biggest ethnic group in Indonesia after the Javanese. We can find many kinds of Sudanese meals in Salam Sereh Restaurant. The way the meals are served is just like other Sundanese modern restaurant where we chose our food from the display and then the waitress will cook the food. Some of the good points of this restaurant are that we can see how our foods are being cooked and then the foods are directly sent to you in hygienic glass dishes. Other restaurants place the cooked food in wooden dishes so sometimes the oils are still clinging in the dishes even after the dishes have been washed.

The foods are varies and the beverages also. Most of them are Sundanese specialties. It has more than hundreds seats with one specially designed meeting room for up to 20 peoples. The interior is a mix of traditional Sundanese architecture and contemporary architecture that gives pleasant environment in enjoying our meal. They are live music, both modern and traditional genre that will entertain us every weekend or holiday.

This restaurant also accommodates youngster who want to have Sundanese meals in a cozy atmosphere. It has special section in which the interior is designed colorfully and equipped with sofas that are very comfortable as a chatting spot. Provided with Wifi, the restaurant surely offers a pleasant places for youngster who want to have meals while chating with friend, surfing the internet, or even working their homework.

The waiter and waitress are very friendly. You can feel the friendly identity of Sudanese culture in this restaurant. They seemed had been carefully trained to deliver their best hospitality to the guest. Honestly, the waitresses are very good looking. I think they are suitable for a job like cover girl or movie actress. Well, it is Bandung after all, the city that are famous for its beautiful girls.

Anyway, it was a great party with great peoples and great venue. Thank you for all committee members who have made my sister’s wedding successful.  I really appreciate you all. Also, thank you for Salam Sereh Restaurant for providing a great venue for the thank you party.

Ps: my camera was running out of battery.. sorry I couldn’t take many pictures ^_^


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