The Doger Monyet

What do you think after seeing the picture above? strange? funny? scary?

Well, don’t think too far. It is a kind of Indonesian traditional art of Monkey Attraction where the monkey is trained to do many movement to entertain the audience. Indonesian people called this “Doger Monyet”.  It is an art of training  a monkey to perform many funny and interesting movement to be shown to audience. The monkey master who train the monkey will then collect money as a donation for the monkey and the master.

Yesterday, this attraction came over in front of my house. The monkey master usually held the attraction in the place  where many children can gather.  The Master and his monkey will then perform many funny attraction for the audience such as Islamic Praying (as shown in the first and second picture), playing guitar, farming, cycling, collecting money, and using riffle  (shown in the picture below). That were all very funny to see monkey were able to do such movement. Me and the other audience were very entertained by the attraction. The monkey master said that it took around 6 months to train the monkey those various movements. I think it is a difficult task that requires patient and affection. That’s why I told this attraction as one kind of arts.

You can see how was the crowd from the picture below

The attraction was held for around 15 minutes. Just before finished, two of the adult audience gave money to the monkey for 14 thousands rupiah. Not all audience gave money but that is not a problem since it is not a formal attraction. People may give or not give money freely. For me, it is an art that requires skill and patient so I think it was an obligation to give money. To respect their will and skill.

Ps : I have seen the same type of performance in Japan. unfortunately I could not find the image in google. I also don’t know how Japanese people called this kind of attraction. Please inform me when you know bout it. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “The Doger Monyet

    1. Hahaha… memang sulit bagi spesies kera seperti anda untuk membedakan mana manusia dan mana hewan sehingga sudah jelas tidak ada hubungan kaka-adik pada foto tersebut. :p

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