Gunanusa Yard Visit

Last month, I was given a chance to visit PT Gunanusa Utama fabrication yard in Serang, Banten. Currently, they are working on three major projects so it was a perfect time to see how they handle their project. I and peoples from engineering team in the company where I worked were invited to the yard as Gunanusa’s routine occasion to strengthen the relation to their industry partner.

What is Gunanusa actually? Peoples with background in Oil & Gas industry must have known it. Gunanusa is a heavy engineering and steel fabrication company based in Indonesia. Established in 1983, its main activity is the fabrication of offshore oil and gas platforms, though, the company also has successfully delivered a number of onshore plants on a turn-key basis. Occupying an area of 18 ha with two load out jetty, working hours up to 24 hours a day, and thousands of personnel working on shift basis, the company really amazed me as they demonstrated their capability of working many projects from all over the world.

It took 2 hours drive from Jakarta to their fabrication yard in Serang. The yard is located near the shore in since water transportation is used to transport the fabricated platform to all over the world. Right after we arrived at the site, their representative greeted and took us to their meeting room for a brief presentation about the company. They informed us their profile, activity, and current project.

After the presentation finished, we headed to the fabrication yard and saw three major offshore platforms they are working on. Currently, the major projects they are working on are :


Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), India largest oil and gas company, awarded Gunanusa-AFCON Joint Venture to execute the ICP-R Process Platform Project in Mumbai High North, India.

2. PTTEP- Quarter Platform South (QPS) and Flare Platform South (FPS)

PTT Exploration and Production Plc (PTTEP) operates the Greater Bongkot South (GBS) gas field in the Gulf of Thailand. For the Development Phase 4a of GBS, Gunanusa has been awarded the contract for Supply and Installation of Quarter Platform South (QPS) and Flare Platform South (FPS), with the scope of work to perform Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Hook Up and Commissioning.

3. HESS – Ujung Pangkah Central Processing Platform (CPP) and Auxiliary & Utility Platform (AUP)

Hess operates the Ujung Pangkah area at East Java in shallow water at 10 m depth. Gunanusa has been awarded to perform Engineering, Construction, Hook Up and Commissioning of Central Processing Platform (CPP) and Auxiliary & Utility Platform (AUP).

Below are some snapshots of the yard. Thank you pak Icang for providing these awesome pictures.

After we finished circling their fabrication yard, we went back to the meeting room and had another discussion about their current project. The discussion concluded our visit. Then, after 4 hours of drive, we arrived back at Jakarta. The visit really improves my knowledge of steel structure which I will mostly deal with.